Summer is a season of abundance and Joy and adventure.  It is traditionally a season of action and expansion.  Summer Holiday, when so many families pack up and travel to new and novel experiences is practically a hallmark of this energy.  So is the summer garden, ripe and overflowing with colorful gifts from the earth.  Our bodies and lives are ripening, too.  Give yourself sunlight, earth on bare feet,  flowers around your home and in your salad and tea, and move into your physical yoga practice with enthusiasm!

The richness of this season is in balance with our ability to receive its bounty.  Staying in the moment is the secret.  Residing in the organ/chakra of summer, the heart, brings us into true relationship with ourselves and with others.  Any work with the heart, the lymphatic and circulatory systems and the small intestine (our ability to receive into our physical, manifesting space) is well received this time of year.  And past injuries; physical, emotional and beyond can be accessed and healed easily.  Exploring relationship with new and old places, people and ourselves brings growth.  Join a summer class or take a road trip anywhere!

Nourish the body with fresh foods and juices, local if possible.  Lighter fare is a natural craving right now as the energy of the body expands and lifts.  Salads, fresh fruit (especially berries), seafoods, and blossoms are abundant during this time and will naturally bring healing on all levels.  Occasional use of spices like cayenne and ginger help to keep the pores open and the body gently detoxifying while invigorating circulation.

We are here to support you, here at Attunity!  Our Summer Teas and Summer of the Fire Monkey Essential Oil Blend are designed to bring you even more into harmony with this delicious season.  Want to go deeper?  Plunge into the Summer Attunement Purification!  21 Days of Support and Summer Cleansing for body and and Soul!