Summer is in bloom. Indeed, in Southern California, this season’s magic is in full swing! The days are very warm, and I can feel the bustle of the energy expanding and deciding upon its course of flow. Summer is inherently a man of action. In Chinese Medicine, it is Yang of Yang, Fire of Fire. It likes to get things done. It gets up early and stays up late~ the raucous party of flowers is beginning to bear fruit. If spring is about possibility, summer is the possible. The organ of the season is the Heart. In a physical sense, we tune into the circulatory system and open up ourselves into the fullness of our evolution. What points of destination have you set out to explore? What are you beginning to see as the earthly (or spiritual) fruits of your life?

It is much easier to answer such questions when we are in touch with the season and with the Earth. And my offerings this month are so much in support of that!

The Season will be aptly supported by the annual Summer Attunement Cleanse that begins on Monday, July 11th. This is a 21 Day Journey that accentuates your relationship with the Season of Summer within yourself~ and can be accomplished either as a Cleanse (with particular parameters) or as an Attunement (simply adding in some practices to your daily life without removing anything from your diet). It comes with online yoga designed to support you in this seasonal journey, daily calls that cover topics from the medical to the esoteric, and group healing sessions downloaded just for Summer! I can’t speak more highly of the experience of connecting to yourself via the natural cycles of the earth…I credit the practice with my own health and vitality. AND….there is always another layer available to us from season to season and year to year. And it would be my honor to hold space for you alongside the amazing Healer, Marrianne Mitchell for the duration.

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This offering is also available as a recorded experience in case you are out of town and would like to dive in when you return! The manifestation and realization of this solar energy can be tapped into all Summer long! Marianne and I will be available to support you via the private Facebook page.

In addition, I have some new and improved manifestations of my own! I have custom blended several products to help you with your seasonal attunement process. These can be added to the 21 Day program, or simply layered into your life to support your body to attune to Summer.

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And…if you are in Southern California (Ojai) and would like to take the Summer Plunge, consider this workshop:


We will be exploring the elements of Manifestatisummerflowerson, Circulation, and Realization through yoga, acupressure, gong and my very own tea and oil blends. Limited spaces. I would love to have you there with me! $33

Deepest Blessings on your Journey,