We are Natural. Human. Whole. And Seasonal.

Tara Matthews, L.Ac

Tara Matthews, L.Ac


The human world is quickly modernizing.  In the last one hundred years, daily life on Earth has become dependent on artifiical light, processed food, indoor living and keeps pace in a world that is not in synch with the traditional rhythms of the natural Earth we were born to.  Attunity Wholeness was born of communication between the Earth and a human practitioner of Chinese Medicine, Tara Matthews, L.Ac.  

As a healthcare provider and practitioner of natural medicine, Tara wanted to bring more people into relationship with the inherent health of their bodies by providing a bridge between the modern and natural world.  By facilitating seasonal cleanses and teaching clients to care for their bodies by becoming attuned to the planet and its timeless cycles, she found that the healing of the body can also be a healing of the relationship between Earth and Humans.  Traditional Chinese and other natural systems teach us that our vitality is linked to the cycle of the seasons, and the organs and energy of the body shift with the turn of the Earth.  Each season brings a window of opportunity.  And ignoring these processes is a relatively new experiment in our history.  

When we are attuned to our wholeness with the Earth, our health and wellness overflows into the way we see the world.  More and more, as new disease and disharmony proliferate due to the human body being separate from its origins, finding ways to attune to the seasons and our natural cycles become vitally important.  

Attunity Wholeness offers 21 Day Seasonal Attunement experiences to bring you into the health that is your birthright.  These are guided, rich courses that will change the course of your health and your relationship to yourself and the world.  We also offer products that are designed to subtly bring your body into synch with the seasons.  Even when you live in a world that is far from seasonal.  

It is our deep joy to bring humanity another way to remember its rich, healthy, resilient origins.  Abundant health flows from the earth.  And humans are naturally part of that abundance.  Attune.  Attunity Wholeness.